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About the Collaborative

The Martin Luther King Sr. Community Resources Collaborative centralizes the resources and services of several organizations and some house their operating offices on site.

The partnering organizations are:

  • Casey Family Programs
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church
  • WorkSource Atlanta
  • Operation HOPE
  • Division of Family and Children Services

The collaborative is guided by the community, which has informed what services are offered.  The collaborative believes that communities gain strength through the achievement of self-reliance, and has pledged to the following values:

  • People who live and work in a community are best positioned to make decisions about the resources and services that should be provided in that community.
  • Decisions about community improvements should be made cooperatively and through the building of consensus.
  • Information, expertise, and resources within the community must be shared.
  • Services must reflect the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and competence, and respect the rights and differences of those being served.

Instead of various community interests working in isolation to help the poor and vulnerable, a community partnership has been created that will bring together faith-based institutions, nonprofit social service organizations, economic development groups, government agencies, philanthropy, and others focused on improving results for children, their families and the community where they reside. Through this collaboration, families will benefit by way of improved access to – and a seamless provision of – the services they so desperately need.

The Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative purposes to continue partnerships with other organizations focused on improving the lives of families in the Old Fourth Ward and Sweet Auburn Avenue Communities. Please contact us if your organization would like to discuss a partnership.