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MLK SR. Collaborative

Empowerment in the communities
we serve as a Priority and a Resource

Who are We
Who Are We?

A vision of the Ebenezer Baptist Church

Board of Trustees, the Martin Luther King Sr. Community Resources Collaborative (Collaborative) helps families build better lives by providing comprehensive and integrated social support resources at a single location, with the goal of guiding families to self-sufficiency.

Economic Mobility
Economic Mobility

How It May Impact the American Dream

Economic mobility is the ability of someone to change their income or wealth. It is measured over generations or during one's lifetime.

Research has found that the best way to improve one's mobility is through education, but the increasing cost of education is creating a block to those starting out in low-income families. It's a form of structural inequality that keeps the poor from improving their lives.

Mass Incarceration
Social Justice
Ending Mass Incarceration

America is at a tipping point.

In a country that continues to lead the world in locking up its own people, mass incarceration has emerged in recent years as a defining civil rights issue.

Board of Trustees

Our Board is made up of Faith based; Business; Non-Profit; and Community Individuals who collectively support and embrace the momentum of Daddy King’s Vision to further develop equality and resources in the less fortunate communities.

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